Hi folks! I want to make some Atari 2600 carts.

Do I know anyone with a ROM burner who is willing to burn five or six ROMs for me?

@ajroach42 I can. Do you have blanks or would you need me to source them?

@ieure I don't have any, but I am sure I could source them.

@ieure I am going to bed now, but I will reach out in the morning.

@ajroach42 LMK what you need/want. I have a decent supply of blanks, but I don't know if I have whatever a 2600 cart takes. Based on the era, my guess is 2708 or 2716.

@ieure I think the standard is soemthing like a 2732.

It was suggested to me that I might be able to snag my own burner reasonably cheaply, so now I'm considering that?

@ajroach42 I'm not sure if I have those, but might. Have loads of 2532s, the 27xx line fell out of favor around that time.

If you want a modern programmer, the GQ-4x4 is mostly reasonable. $150ish. You need the external power supply for vintage parts, though.

The Xgeco TL866 is the super cheap option. No external PS option. It's flaky with vintage parts, so make sure you have an EPROM eraser if you need to reprogram.

@ajroach42 No matter what you get, compare the programmer's supported device list against the part you want to program — check the manufacturer and part number.

Even though all 2732s work the same once programmed, the way they *get* programmed varies between manufacturers. Especially with the old stuff, that means a particular part might need, like, -28V to program, which something running off a USB port isn't going to be able to supply. So make sure your programmer supports your blanks.

@ieure I don't know a ton about this stuff, so I'm going to be doing a bunch of reading.

@ajroach42 Happy to answer questions if you've got 'em. Here, Matrix, or Freenode.

@ieure I very well might take you up on that.

I'm working right now, but I'll take some time tonight to read a bunch and then reach out if I'm confused.

@ajroach42 I have one, but also they're pretty cheap. Do you know what chips you want to burn?

@ajroach42 If you have about $50 going spare, the TL866II+ will handle that trivially. Else you can probably spend $20 in shipping to send to someone and back. Or find someone local who isn't self-isolating during the plague. :D

I'm in Chicago fwiw.

((weird, the first time I replied it didn't attach to this thread...))

@saramg That's good to know. Hadn't considering going the DIY route, but that might make the most sense considering.

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