Hey folks, how is everyone coping with social distancing? Are you staying healthy? Do you have enough food?

And following that hierarchy of needs, if you have enough food and you are healthy, are you entertained?

I'm doing a blog post on entertainment media you can consume that does not benefit the capitalist monsters that control our economy and government.

If you make stuff, and want it to be included, let me know!

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@ajroach42 I effectively practiced social distancing before, yes, yes. Yourself?

@emsenn Surviving.

Spent some time in our cabin in GA taking care of some business there, in case we need to be there for an extended period of time in the near future.

Planted seeds that a neighbor is going to help us tend until we can get back there.

Saw my family, from a few feet away. Cleaned a lot of surfaces.

I'm back in VA now, on self imposed quarantine following the travel. We have food. We have work to do.

@ajroach42 i do sexual stuff, but would usually charge for it, I supose is not the idea here...

@Sondra Not exactly what I had in mind for this post, no.

Maybe the next one.

@ajroach42 I mean I have my blog, but I don't know if that's actually of general interest XD.

@xyzzy has lots of stories up online! (Probably want to get her permission to be added first, but wanted to give a shoutout.)

@hummingrain @ajroach42 thanks for the shoutout, i appreciate it :) i do have several free short stories up on my website, and i'll probably be adding more soon with everyone in isolation.

one day i hope to publish zines of my writing but that's kind of on hold for now

@ajroach42 When is this post going up? I've got a new thing that will be going public April 1

@ajroach42 I'm a tabletop rolegaming designer. I publish 1879, steampunk critique of the British empire, through FASA at, and Venleitche, where rebuilding connections and correcting the Balance is the core of the game, at

@ajroach42 I want to super-endorse @WanderingBeekeeper 's work btw the thoughtfulness and that which he's thinking about are both impressive as heck.

@ajroach42 Coping all right with social distancing itself. Walking the dogs is a bit of a problem. It is allowed without limitation, and I'm in a low-disease-spread community, but I still have to avoid both people and other dogs while doing so. Getting up at the crack of dawn helps. Walks are currently my only exercise, which is not great.

I am working my day job but was unable to carry on with creative projects until a few days ago.

@ajroach42 The reason I couldn't was acute anxiety over my short-term survival. After 15 days, my chances of making it through the pandemic are looking better and some focus is returning.
Making a planned switch to part-time work starting next month, which is convenient now.

@Reinderdijkhuis I'm glad to hear things ar egoing okay. I hope they continue to do so.

@ajroach42 Got married on Saturday (very very small wedding, due to these recent developments), so now my wife and I have been working from home and minimizing our outside interactions.

Thankful we managed to have the wedding before locking ourselves inside - since it means I get to spend that time with her instead of alone in my former dorm room.

We found out I'm supposed to be moved out of the dorm by Friday, so we spent Sunday and Monday finishing that process.

Food situation is looking pretty decent for us.

We are in a low risk area so for now things aren't too bad.

@ajroach42 Well here so far other than stress-induced auto-immune stuff, but at least for once in my life it's socially acceptable to rest.

Social distancing: doing okay but not great. Getting more touch-starved even than usual, and not really having long conversations with anyone. Also my brain has chosen a bad time to be interested in smooching people again. :|

Healthy: Hell, I'm working out more than I was. Walking a little less, which bugs me, but I can take steps to fix that.

Enough food: Yep! Not really getting it into interesting combinations, but that's on me not my supplies.

@ajroach42 Here we're still allowed to go out for walks, as long as we keep away from others and only do it once a day - so not too insane; managed to get enough through supermarket delivery systems - although it was quite a fight, some of their websites fell under the pressure, others have had no slots.

@penguin42 once a day? Yikes. They haven't restricted us that much here, I'm getting out several times a day to walk the dogs.

@ajroach42 That's what they said, although the law they passed is both more and less restrictive than what they said; it basically says the police can force you to go home - but there's no specification on the number of times. What they said was 'one item of exercise' - so I should be fine for an hours walk.

@ajroach42 and heck, compare to some places where they're not allowed out at all, I can't complain.

@ajroach42 I'm fine. Mom's very worried though, and I struggle to get as much exercise as I'd want.


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