I sometimes talk about the old toys I find, or the old toys I'm repairing, or the old comics I'm reprinting or the new toys I'm making.

This is not the stuff that I used to talk about, and may not appeal to most of my followers.

I'm considering setting up a ... Brand Account™️ for so that I can make all my toy posts opt in.

Traditionally, this place has been pretty hostile to Brand Accounts™️, but I think this is the appropriate way to ensure that my personal account doesn't turn in to just me talking about toys.

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I think I'm just going to do it, and then people can make up their own mind if they like it or not.

Yeah, that's what I'm going to do.

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@ajroach42 there's a difference between brand accounts and you having a secondary account to toot about a project of yours. The difference is "do we know there's a human back there and probably which human?"

@ajroach42 yeah I say, do whatever you need to.

beauty of masto culture imo is that, with CWs and muting friends, you can just choose not to read certain toot threads with relatively little effort and no hate towards anyone. whether that's a separate account or not

@ajroach42 that's something I miss on a daily basis, coming from #GooglePlus: 'Collections'.
The ability to predefine collections of topics you post about, and setting some of them as 'opt-in' by default, and then optionally assigning a collection to your message as you post it.

It made it really easy to follow someone for their SciFi and random posts, while opting out of their politics posts, or just following a single topic of theirs.


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