I got my second omnibook 300 today. It is in better cosmetic condition than I expected, but it is missing the battery door. I'll have to make a new one.

I'm formatting a new CF card and copying system files to it. It'll take a few minutes.

Then I'll make sure the thing works well, and start installing software.


@ajroach42 the mouse on this one is a lot more reliable than the mouse on my , which will make using Windows 3.1 apps easier.

Now to find the best windows 3.1 apps that'll run in a low ram environment.

Suggestions welcome!

Alright, I'm downloading DOS and win31 apps. Let's see what I can find.

Things I need:

- Email Client that supports reading mail from files
- HTML file viewer

I have downloaded several win31 compatible html file viewers, and I'm about to see how much each of them sucks.

For email, I'm thinking I'll use something qwkmail based, since I think I already set up a qwk tosser on this box?

I really should take better notes when I'm working on projects like this.

Anyway, everything else is pretty much done, and after I get HTML and email sorted, I just have to cobble together some helper scripts.

I'd also really like to get LFN support. Anyone know if there's a way to get LFN support in windows 31?

Looks like "likse" is a good option for an HTML file viewer. It appears to support find in page and hyperlinks to other files.

I downloaded two email programs that support qwk files.

Now I need to ... get m server side stuff working.

@ajroach42 Might be worth trying Rhapsode, it should be functional for you! And is quite lightweight.

@alcinnz Should have been clearer in the post, I'm looking for an email program and an HTML file viewer for Windows 3.1 running on a 386.

@ajroach42 I was thinking it might work as an HTML file viewer on Windows 3.1. No promises though.

@alcinnz For real?

Have you compiled it for 16 bit windows? I'll be glad to try it if you have.

@ajroach42 I think so, it's got great cross-platform support and is quite lightweight.

Unfortunately I don't know how to compile it for 16 bit Windows...

lfndos.zip is a DOS device driver for lfn, never tried it.
I don't know if anything win3 knows about lfn. You might check the last versions of the progman replacements like aporia, calmira, launch, apdock. or vdt.

@goosey calmira can do lfn, but I think I have too little RAM for that.

yeah iirc calmira was pretty heavy. 😣

2meg is pretty tight for win3.

@Ethancdavenport fsck is a file system check. You called me a qwk tosser, I told you to check your file system.

It's not a good joke.

been a long time since i did win3... but from my ~ftp/wfw and vague memories....
morecn.zip more control expanded control panel
ar16e301.exe last adobe reader for win3
qtask13.zip taskman replacement
tm.zip another tasman
vbrun300.exe vbasic runtime
ski.zip skifree 1.0
wep.zip windows entertainment pack
winwamp.zip gui version of wampum database uses dbase3 files

mew311.zip mewh311.zip mewr311.zip mews311.zip microemacs for win 3.11
win31.exe knowledge database files in ms help format
vbx_pack.zip vbasic programs
wdvw9716.exe word97 viewer

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