I feel like I'm living life too near to a heavy mass.

Some events seem to stretch on to eternity, other stuff is happening so quickly I hardly have time to adapt. Regardless, nothing seems to be happening in the right order or at anything approaching a human time scale.

So, project updates:

- Jupiter's Ghost: The website is live, but has some issues I'm working through. We're working on the first episode, slowly. I'm still looking to get some more people involved, but I'm hopeful we'll have an actual episode this month.

- Expedition Sasquatch: New episode going up in a few days. Another new episode right behind that one. I should have scripts to Jack to record some more this week.

- now lives at @MountainTownToys I've got about 1/4th of the original action figures we had planned finished. We have a retail location inside an antique mall that is doing curbside pickup and an online store. All of this is going well, we're making a small amount of money. We'll have an actual retail store in August, which will serve as showroom for our online inventory and a tiny factory.

- A addendum: I've started making wholly original action figures using a digitally modeled files and 3D printers to prototype. This has the added bonus of being SLOW but super flexible and cheap, so that's where most of my focus is right now.

- : We're buying the coffee house, if nothing goes wrong. We'll have the contract in hand today. When things open up, the lady will be the only employee. I'm keeping my existing job. We're moving back to GA.

I'm selling some electronics and other stuff to make it easier for us to move and to get some extra money in the bank to help get through the next few months.

- : I think I might still do this with comic books and t-shirts, but I don't want to include toys. Too much work. Not working on it right now, but thinking about it.

- Offline first social media project: Found out about tildegit.org/PigeonProtocolCon so ... I am thinking about this a lot again.

- Work podcast:

I'm ... recording and producing an internal podcast at my job that might eventually become an external podcast facing the world.

This is actually really neat, because it will solve the communication problems that our various engineering teams have been struggling with, and I really love the idea of it. But critics are critical, and I'm not looking forward to that.


If it's not on that list, I'm probably not thinking about it right now.

I mean, except for my , I'm always thinking about that.

And , I'm thinking about that too. But I can't make any progress on either of those until I get some other stuff off my plate.

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