@djsundog if you ever make it to the opposite corner of the country, come look us up!

@johnpierremaeli it's nearly 3000 sqft of seating, a commercial kitchen, and an attached retail space.

When we are done with it, it will be the best little coffee shop in north GA.

@ajroach42 looks like it'll be just that. Next time I'm in GA, I'll plan on heading that way.

@ajroach42 Can't wait to see what you do with it and come check out!

@ajroach42 That's really cool! Lots of hard work ahead, but I wish you the best.

@ajroach42 Hey best of luck! Crazy time to open a coffee shop!

@penguin42 taking over an existing shop from owners who were too old to keep up.

@ajroach42 Where is your coffee shop, and what's the name? I travel a lot, and I definitely want to experience it.

@ajroach42 I'm in Seattle, but I do work for Georgia Power. Next time I'm in the Kennesaw-Rockmart area, I'll definitely make the drive over to Ellijay!

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