Hey! I'm looking for businesses in the south east that don't suck a whole lot!

We're trying to source some products for our coffee shop, and looking to spend our money with small businesses that treat their employees well and don't actively make the world worse.

Do you have any suggestions?

@ajroach42 I assume you're going to be roasting your own beans soon enough. However, if you're looking for books, I can DM you our local old used book store (she is doing shipping now).

@trini we aren't roasting yet. Buying from a local supplier for now.

@ajroach42 Ooh ok, very cool! I hope that link I just sent is helpful, seems every local-sourcing SC place uses Anson Mills, and they say they use a place in Asheville for flour which looks p close to you

@ajroach42 Little Waves here in Durham, NC are really good people, with interests in culture, ethics and sustainability, and the coffee they roast is great. They also operate Cocoa Cinnamon -- three coffee shops around Durham that are some of my favorite places.

@ajroach42 I was super impressed with this place I went to when I was last home -- don't think they're suppliers but they probably have a good idea of other good local ones

@ajroach42 I dunno if Hodgepodge (in Atlanta) sells to other coffee shops, but if they don't then I bet they'll have some good recommendations.

@ajroach42 For videogame stuff, Lost Ark in Greensboro is awesome.

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