Is there a piece of free software that will apply Zoom style virtual backgrounds to existing video clips?

@ajroach42 Open Broadcast. That's what Deviant Ollam uses with Zoom.

@ajroach42 I think so? When he demo'd it on his Youtube channel, I didn't see one.

@ajroach42 Looks like Zoom requires a solid (green) background.

I recently came across a method that will work with normal backgrounds by giving it a picture without the person (I am not sure it would work for my room where the sun would change the background all the time). Looks like it is still research stage software, not yet plug and play. But maybe the search terms and citations help.

@VictorVenema it does not require a solid background on mac and windows. Hence my question.

@ajroach42 Then the Zoom video undersells the system. Can it handle changes in sun light?

@VictorVenema Here are some example shots.

Me sitting in the coffee shop, turning on a virtual background, and then opening the curtains. No green screen involved, but shot on a mac.

@ajroach42 That looks good. Want it. Saves a lot of time on tidying the room. 🙂

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