Hey! What's the single board computer that isn't a raspberry pi world look like right now?

I'm especially interested in low end/cheap stuff.

Does anything exist in the sub$10 range that is worth looking at? Ideally with on board storage?

I want to put together some set top boxes for playing media and games, as cheaply as possible. (I have two other related projects as well, I might talk about them in a few minutes, but something like a Chip is what I'm after.)


Other projects:

- Federated message board (Usenet style) that uses disaster radio or meshtastic nodes as transport layer. If I place a large order for SBCs, I'll prototype out the userland software on that hardware, becuase I have access to it.

- low cognitive load computer
I have put together some thoughts and software around a computer that minimizes distractions, and encourages certain interactions and behaviors through hardware limitations and software decisions. (Cont.)

I could just do the low cognitive load thing on a pi 0w, but I hate all the adapters and dongles and the TF slot.

If I can find a way to do it with full sized ports and on board storage, I'd prefer that

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Looks like my best options are:

RasPi 0w
Orange pi 02

The CHIP wouldn't really have been powerful enough, and it needed a daughter board for HDMI, but I could have made it work on a CHIP if I had a reliable source for them.

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I still think you're better reusing a packet radio BBS than reinventing something if you want it distributed over a low-bandiwdth network.

@penguin42 anyone wants to implement packet radio support in Haiku? 😄

@mmu_man It can't be *that* hard, I mean those things were pretty simple back in the day.

@penguin42 I know, just my TODO list is way too long already 😄

@penguin42 one problem with packet bbs is there is no modern support that i can find. it is very difficult to find docs and software that works with our current OSes and recognizes the fact that hardware TNCs are long dead. admittedly i haven't searched for this info in a long while but ... have 13dB of omnidirectional gain on 2m; will travel.

@purple yeh that's probably true - the linux kernel still has ax25 code in; heck knows when anyone last sent a packet!

@penguin42 i wouldn't even know how to interface with that code. like, i read the docs one in the source tree and it was just jibberish.

@ajroach42 I don't see why you couldn't use NNTP for that. The key would be a different front-end newsreader.

@drwho that's going to be the first thing I try. We'll see how it goes.

@drwho @ajroach42

years ago I remember using some software called KA9Q to get online and access Usenet and email, which was originally intended for packet radio use. I don't see why this couldn't also be reused to work with 433,92 MHz ISM equipment for those without amateur radio licences (there doesn't seem to be any prohibition against this in both European and USA legislation though you may have to be careful not to lock everyone out of their cars by excessive transmissions..)

@vfrmedia @ajroach42 Hmmm... those radios should be pretty easy to find on the maker market, after a brief search.

@drwho @ajroach42

there are also other ISM (licence exempt and lightly regulated) frequencies available worldwide that could be used - which could reduce any risk of conflict with other devices, particularly automotive applications (as that really does cause havoc on top of govt agencies such as Ofcom/BNetzA/FCC deploying "boots on the ground" to search for whatever is causing the issues)

@Binder I don't have a license, and want to encrypt my streams in transit. I can't use HAM stuff.

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