My wife (Hey, we're married now, finally) bought 50lbs of self rising flour, instead of all purpose flour.

So, she made biscuits, and I love them.

@ajroach42 next on the list should be sponge cakes.
(You could ry selling small bags of flour; over here it's been hard to buy small bags locally during the lockdowns)

@penguin42 Sponge is normally made with all purpose or cake flour. Self rising flower has baking powder and salt already added, so it makes for better savory applications.

We also have 50lbs of all purpose, which we use for bread and scones. We might start doing cake eventually.

@ajroach42 That's a lot of self-rising flour (says someone who also bakes on a cottage foods license). I haven't tried it out myself but I doubt the salt content is too out of whack for sweeter recipes like scones or muffins (thinking through what I bake that calls for baking powder), worth a test.

@loppear it very much was too much salt for scones, unfortunately.

@ajroach42 that's so sweet and loving that she's willing to bake for you.

@nethaniah she's baking for the business that we run together. That a benefit from it is tangential.

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