Some days I feel like advertising is just weaponized FOMO.

Other days I feel like advertising is targeted misinformation and disinformation, intended to confuse people and wear down their defenses.

All the time, I feel like advertising as it exists is bad.

@ajroach42 It's definitely both of those things in different ways

There's a standee advertising, like, ice cream or something that I see outside convenience stories that literally just says "THE FOMO IS REAL" with a picture of an ice cream cone

That's it, that's the whole thing

@ajroach42 and like within these two general approaches there's a whole universe of variation.

I find Sales Enablement marketing to be a fascinating look at the world of grey literature. Marketing by the construction of collateral to aid in direct sales, primarily in B2B, but it can be B2C as well.

A lot of marketing is trying to build up the correct number of touchpoints to hopefully prime the pump for the eventual CTA and sale.

@ajroach42 weaponized fomo, that's an interesting term.

@ajroach42 Advertising tries to sell the public a product, and sometimes it tries to sell them nonsense.

@ajroach42 I also often feel that advertisements are presenting a reality that seems like you're high on a whole cocktail of drugs, but actually taking drugs is still considered bad!

@ajroach42 Agreed! Advertising today is a field of lies grown from a grain of truth.

And then there's surveillance advertising "adtech", which lacks any of the positive attributes.

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