Hey nerds! I want a mutoscope or a kinetoscope or another form of coin operated, hand cranked device for displaying short films.

Ideally, I'd like to get one that works and includes a family friendly film, or I'd like to build one and print my own movie for it.

I'm tempted to cheat with a Pi, some goggles, and a coin slot and crank on the GPIO, but a real one would be more fun.

Any suggestions?

@ajroach42 Are the short films on film? If so you could probably modify a film splicer to do the trick. There are plenty of good old 8mm Castle/Disney/etc films you could use as content.

@grumpy mutoscopes used stacks of paper cards.

I have short films on film too. An editor doesn't do exactly what I want but it could serve as the base for a project.

@ajroach42 That's fair, I wonder if a rotary slide projector could be modified to that end. Personally, I'm waiting for Musée Mécanique to sell some of their collection. Good luck!

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