Any experts about cheap famiclones and the like?

What's the best cheap, or the cheapest good, NES compatible? SNES compatible? Sega compatible?

Do any of the clone consoles do GBA? or Regular Gameboy?

Where can I get them?


I am also interested in games.

Is anyone making homebrew cartridges or "reproduction" carts for prototypes or exceedingly limited releases?

@ajroach42 do you mean repros ofrare carts for mainstream consoles, or flash carts for obscure consoles? Because I got a cart with all the games for the VTech Socrates from this person:

But that's probably nothing more than an interesting read for your shop

@68km Gonna be honest andrew, both of these things sound Wonderful.

@ajroach42 yeah the Socrates cart is suuuper cool! I also got a board that converted its RF output to composite, but I haven't spent the time to really play around with all of it.

If you have or want to procure any of the consoles he's worked on, I got the impression that he'd be happy to chat even if he doesn't have any carts left.

@ajroach42 If you do go with old consoles, RetroTink seems to be the hot new toy for composite to digital conversion. (they released a few newer models last year from the already-good Tink 2X)

OTOH I had read that the GBS-8200 has too much lag, but last night on a PS2 subreddit someone was lauding it as the best solution under $100, because other affordable solutions do bob de-interlacing. They didn't seem to think the latency was bad.

@68km @ajroach42 My understanding is that the GBS-8200 has a cheap mod that substantially improves it

@SpindleyQ yeah I think that's what they referenced! I'm looking forward to researching it more, since the Tink2x is 2-3 times more expensive IIRC @ajroach42

@ajroach42 and honestly if you just get like a flash cart for an SNES or something, I'm sure you could print up a pretty repro label (that is clearly labeled as such, of course)

@68km That's the route we'll go next year, but I want to see how others do it first.

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