A while ago I wrote a thing about running an old school BBS over tor:

If you know anything about tor or BBSs, would you mind giving me some feedback on it? I'm going to polish it up and publish it today.

@Andrew (R.S Admin) That's a pretty cool idea! Not experienced enough with either topic to spot any mistakes though. I like the idea, though!

@ajroach42 that’s a name I hadn’t heard in a while :)

@ajroach42 I didn't think Synchronet worked on the Raspberry Pi as the Endianness is different from a PC, or have they fixed that?
@ajroach42 Huh.

I guess they've fixed it.

Are you going to write the bit about automating it in the article?
@ajroach42 Also: Does the Onion URL change if you restart the service/reboot the Pi?

@ajroach42 Make note of this command, you’ll probably end up running it a couple of times by hand, before we set it up to happen automatically.

The first time we start it, we’re going to start it by hand. Later we’ll automate this.

BBS Question 

BBS Question 

@ajroach42 added to my favorites. I was a BBS kid growing up in the 80’s. Lots of great memories. This might be a fun project to do!

@ajroach42 can you recommend a kit off Amazon? So many options, not sure if one is better than another. Haven’t done anything with raspberry pi kits before.

@Snowcrash I wouldn't recommend a kit, personally.

If you're going to run it headless, you just need an SD card, a case, and a power supply. For what I'm proposing a pi 3 would work fine.

Pi, power, case, SD card. That's it.



@ajroach42 Sorry to bother you again. Can you have multiple HiddenServicePort sections in the same HiddenServiceDir of /etc/tor/torrc and thus run many services on the same Onion URL?


How does the "friendly name" thing you mentioned at the bottom work (especially now V2 Onion addresses are deprecated and V3 are harder to brute-force to be friendlier)? I didn't think you could DNS to an Onion address?

@DHeadshot ah! That's the bit I'm working on now.

Basically hostfiles or running your own dns.

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