Anyone here a Mystic BBS sysop that wants to help me make sense of their menu editor?

Or should I just go to synchronet instead?

@ajroach42 Not a bbs sysop, but my subjective impression is Synchronet is more developed of the two eh? Likelier to have more ready support?

@Shufei @ajroach42 depends on what you're looking for really, I've not used Mystic but I do run a Wildcat! board. You've got to be really comfortable with your software or it's a total bitch to deal with, plus is much more secure for the today internet

@Shufei @ajroach42 however, if you're looking to mainly relive the days with a Mystic board then go crazy and diddle around with it, that's half the fun (says the man who lost his 1000 page book on managing Wildcat! V6)

@ajroach42 I did use it for a year or so, it's just annoying: Edit each field, insert control codes (listed in the README file) for color, set a command and access level. Then back all the way up to the ANSI editor to make a top area for the menu.

@ajroach42 I don't run a BBS atm nor do I have a lot of experience with MysticBBS, but I did use Synchronet for a good while and it's pretty amazing. It does just about everything anyone would ever need. Since you can also use JavaScript to make new menus, apps, etc., it's really easy to expand on it and customize it.
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