Hey audio nerds, I'm looking for recommendations on a good budget amp for my stereo system.

I used to go for a tripath based lepai 2020, but it looks like those don't exist anymore, and I'd like something a little beefier than that. What can you recommend me?

Tpa3251 chipset based is what I have been springing for. Recent-ish TI chip with fantastic figures of merit g very advanced self-tuning feedback systems driving my it. Either from 3e-audio (bare boards, what I use), or something like this one (neither come with power supply),

~half a decade more recent than the tpa3116's that everyone is still stuck on

there's a tpa3255 if you aren't kidding about more powerful. both chips are quad channel, bridgeable down to stereo.

@jauntywunderkind420 That's an intersting thought, too.

I don't need *much* more power, but I'd like to be able to push like 25wpc without much distortion.

Eventually, I'd like to stick some old HPM-100s on this system and wake the neighbors.

@ajroach42 i have one of these, which uses the TPA3116 chip - the TI range it's plucked on seems to be a spiritual successor to the Tripath chips, and of course TI aren't going anywhere

there's a version that uses two TPA3116s to double the output power, too:

@ajroach42 (the other merit of the more powerful one is that it doesn't put the headphone output on the same side as the speaker ties !!! )

@thamesynne That looks like what I'm looking for, I'll try to find a US warehouse.

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