Have you ever had a car shipped?

I have a car. It runs, but needs some small issues addressed before I commit to a long journey in it.

It is 600 miles from me.

I could potentially drive it/have it driven here, but we would be risking complications, imo.

I can't have the work done to it until after it needs to be not there.

Considering hiring a delivery service as my best option.

What should I look out for if I go that route?

@ajroach42 I've shipped vehicles a few times all without issue. We've used each time. Like any of these services, watch reviews/etc.

@chris @ajroach42 Thanks - I also needed something similar (I need to ship my life that I packed up 15 years ago to where I am now.)

This... may be slightly difficult as it's been in storage for 15 years and "Pictures? Um... yeah, no, I'm nowhere near the stuff."

And "large arcade machine" is sort of "pool table" but then "pieces of slate" is ... what exactly?

I'm also not probably doing this immediately, I've ... paid for a year of storage already so I may just wait til the spring or something. Or. Until after November. Or until I know that it didn't catch on fire, seeing as how that area of the US is on fire.

@ajroach42 I've had movers ship a car during a house move. Might want to call around.

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