What should I know about airbrushes in order to purchase a good one?

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@ajroach42 Do it! They're good fun. What kind of painting are you thinking of doing with it? (Apologies if you've already answered this in a post I haven't scrolled to yet)

@gbrnt I make toys. I'm looking to improve the texture and speed of my toy painting.

@ajroach42 Cool, I've seen your photos of them but didn't link them to the airbrush post!

If you're sure about it and have the space I'd recommend going straight for a compressor, because the compressed air cans don't really last very long and it's frustrating when the air pressure drops and you have to adjust stuff. Just too much to think about at once.

@ajroach42 if they're anything like airguitars, you'll know when you're holding a good one

@ajroach42 For toys you're probably going to need dual action, so you can vary the amount of paint you're spraying independently of the air. Nozzle/needle size is a decision to make but I don't really know enough to recommend. I got a 0.2mm airbrush and it's probably a bit fine if you want to get good coverage on large areas. Good for small details though.

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