My green Quasar TV should arrive today. I have to get a stand for it, find or purchase an RF modulator, and get a shelf to display our Video Games.

I'm thinking of getting a 4 cube Expedit style shelf, and then adding two additional shelves in the top two cubes.

I also have in transit:

- An Agile modulator
- An AM transmitter
- Some AM radios
- Another smaller TV

This is exciting.

And, in my stuff that's currently on it's way from our old apartment, I have some other video production equipment, TVs, cameras, etc.

And an Atari 2600 I've moded for RCA out. And an HDMI to RCA adapter for newer video sources.

It should be a good time when we finally get it all set up.

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For now, the plan looks like this:

1 TV gets an RCA switch run in to it's RF modulator. The RCA switch is then connected to my Famiclone, my NES, SNES, atari 2600, and probably also a VCR.

The other TV gets a wireless signal fed to it from the agile modulator. Eventually, there will be a TV in each room receiving from the agile modulator. This is for Space Patrol and Saturday Morning Cartoons. When it's not Saturday morning, we might run classic films through the other TVs.

In addition to all of that, we're also going to set up some small radios. Transistor sets anchored to various tables, eventually probably also a few tube sets, once I get our tube sets repaired.

These will be fed from the AM radio transmitter to play our house music.

I think that'll be cute.

We'll see how it works in practice.

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Progress update:

The TV works and looks Great.

I have it connected to a matching transformer > RF modulator > RCA switch.

Connected to the RCA switch is an HDMI to RCA adapter (connected to that is a raspberry pi, I'll move the pi to RCA as soon as I find my pi RCA cables) a famiclone, and a super famiclone.

In the near future I'll add an NES clone (the one I have right now is PAL?), either a real c64 or a The c64, my VHS VCR and my betamax VCR.

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The pi currently serves videos from our local media server. I'm working on making that process a little smoother and adding an easy way for folks to control the box when I'm not here.

I'll also eventually add some games to the pi, but that's for later.

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Just got to George Burns and Gracie Allen episode one, which opens with a great monologue from George about how to be a straight man in comedy. It's really something.

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@ajroach42 hth are you going to get permission to run the transmitter ?

@ajroach42 Either if it's actually over radio - for TV it's fine if you just run it over coax.

@penguin42 there's a low power AM exemption in the states, my experiments with that a few years ago indicated that I could get about half a mile range without violating the rules, but I just need to cover the building.

The TV... It depends on how strong my signal ends up being. I might have to go wired for everything, but I'm hoping I can cover two rooms with wireless without providing enough interference for it to be a problem in the rest of the neighborhood.

We'll find out!

@jos @ajroach42 Have you done any comparisons to see how much quality you lose using an RF modulator vs a screen with a composite input (assuming you even have a comparable CRT with a composite input). I have been using my C64 monitor for my and now you've got me thinking about picking up an old color TV.

@freakazoid @jos I don't currently have a comparable crt with composite inputs, but I will soon.

The RF modulator introduces some noise, but it isn't unbearable imo. The 75 > 300 ohm matching transformer and associated spade connectors introduce way more noise than the RF modulator.

A better RF modulator would probably reduce that some. I'm using a bad one.

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