Living in The Future™️. Streaming Rocky Jones Space Ranger and Space Patrol from the aether in to a Space Age television.

The raspberry pi is currently wired in to the television, but it's streaming off of our local media server (another raspberry pi running yunohost among other things.)

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I've watched a lot of Space Patrol. I've watched 240p youtube rips, VHS tapes, expensive DVD transfers, I have done my own full HD captures of Space Patrol Kinescopes, played them back through fancy upscalers, through a high end 4k projector, on to a screen more than 10 feet tall. It never looked *good* but it was always watchable.

On this setup, somehow, everything looks right. Even the lowest bitrate youtube rips are somehow Beautiful.

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I'm not saying that you should rush out and replace your 90" flat screen with a 10" black and white CRT or anything, but I think there's something to be said for watching things that were intended to be seen on a 10" black and white CRT on a 10" black and white CRT.

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@ajroach42 I've been watching some old Doctor Who recently. Some of it *really* took advantage of the low clarity of 1960s sets!

@Edent @ajroach42 I watched an episode of "Space: 1999" recently. The series was filmed on 35mm, so it has been possible to scan it to actual HD. However, at one point there was an exterior window backdrop that was very obviously painted to be good enough for 1970s CRT television.

Similarly, I went to an exhibition of Star Trek: TNG props, and they do not look realistic in real life.

@mathew @Edent Space 1999 is one of my favorite shows, and it generally looks *really* great, but there are definitely moments where they compromised under the idea that no one would ever notice.

@Edent @ajroach42 definitely, and even with the 1970s episodes too. There's a Fourth Doctor era story (I forget which one now) for example where they used bubble wrap for a monster because it was a new and space age-looking material that few people had presumably seen before. Suffice it to say that look has not aged well

@ajroach42 well yeah, pixel art meant for CRTs often leverages the qualities of how pixels blend on them to look better on screen. Emulated stuff on an LCD without things like scanlines can just look wrong.

@thufie I wish there was an easy way to emulate an old CRT TV as a filter on an arbitrary digital video output, but I haven't found one.

@ajroach42 yeah, best I know of are some terminals and emulators that add it, and often with mixed results and not enough settings to configure it.

@ajroach42 is the pi outputting composite? Or do you have an RF tuner?

@Edent The pi can output composite over it's headphone jack with the correct cable. I don't have one of those right now, so I'm going HDMI -> Composite with a cheap adapter, then composite to coax with an RF modulator, then coax to spade connectors with a matching transformer.

I'll replace the HDMI to RCA adapter with the RCA out on the pi eventually.

@ajroach42 or, get a short range FM transmitter and beam it over the airwaves to be picked up on bunny ears? 😂

@Edent I would need a stronger RF modulator, or a couple of amplifiers.

I have both inbound.

Basic process is here:

Technically illegal in the US, but mostly no one minds if you don't transmit a signal strong enough to cause problems elsewhere.

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