This was super surreal. I was just reading through my RSS feed, and I saw that someone was colorizing public domain films, and I was getting ready to compare their results with mine when I realized that it was an article about me.

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@penguin42 My personal website is just a couple of static files on shared hosting. I'm not worried about that.

And this isn't the first time I've been featured on boingboing, but ... I mean, dang.

@ajroach42 i'm looking forward to when AI can regenerate the missing Doctor Who episodes from just the audio :)

@fraggle @ajroach42 DeepFake and a couple of actors could probably do that, honestly. We have the technology.

@ajroach42 @fraggle I've seen a comedian use DeepFake on an actor to make a fake interview with our prime minister. I didn't notice anything odd except the voice until they turned it off and revealed an actor that didn't look anything like the prime minister.

@ajroach42 Oh. You've been boingboinged. Congratulations! 😅​

@ajroach42 *randomly seeks to about 1:06:15*
Oh, so there's where that line's from.

@ajroach42 You blew your RSS reading about as badly as other people botch their romantic interests.

@ajroach42 that’s sort of like the experience i get whenever i look up information about one of my favourite peices of abandoned software , and everything, absolutey everything about it now refers back to an article i wrote as the primary source.

@ajroach42 Great work! I promise you're not a brain in a jar.

@ajroach42 HOLY SHIT... that's pretty awesome. Watching the original and the colorified versions side-by-side... wow. Wow. Just wow.

It could use a bit of tweaking, it would appear. Maybe multiple passes or something. But... holy shit, that's amazing!

@SuperFloppies yeah, it struggles with the night scenes. I could up the revert factor and might get better results.

@ajroach42 Either way -- it's FUCKING AWESOME.

Also a bit scary. Deepfakes be a-comin'...

@SuperFloppies alternately, I could just clean up the problem spots by hand. As I work on better looking videos I might do that.

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