So This DevTerm from Clockwork Pi appears to be everything I could have wanted out of a when I was 14.

Design inspired by the Tandy 102, but slightly smaller. Screen the same basic aspect ratio as the HP 200 LX, but with modern connectivity and USB.

It'll run DOSBox, it'll run DVTM and all the various terminal apps I need.

The screen ain't sunlight readable, like my Omnibook, but ... I wonder what the bat life is like.

$200ish with shipping, pre-orders supposed to ship before April next year.

It's supposed to be "A5" sized, which confuses me? A5 is roughly digest sized, 8.3 x 5.8. That's almost pocket-able, tbh, but it's probably a little cramped to type on.

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It has an integrated thermal printer, which is adorable.

It's silly, but it's cute.

I really want one. I'll honestly probably pre-order two.

@ajroach42 If I were a teacher and someone handed in an essay using one of these, I would probably give them extra credit. It would be like Hogwart's points system but for nerds.

@ajroach42 honestly i'd wait till its been out for a few months. I had a look earlier today and there's a few yellow flags but I hate being a downer.

@stevelord @ajroach42

I'm happy to wait until its a thing you can just buy from CPC/Farnell or RS (British online electronics stores) and have delivered within a few days (I can see this being genuinely useful for working with embedded systems, procesing telemetry from things like radio transmitters and other kit at the community radio stations but these are things that I won't be doing until well into next year anyway...)

@vfrmedia @ajroach42 I think that's avert sensible and measured approach to take. Most of the bugs should be worked out by then.

@ajroach42 its quite hard to identify individual people involved in the project. its not clear which actual SoCs they're using from the site aside from CM3. The github repos are empty or blobby and not very open sourcey. The form factor encourages hunching unless you're doing quick basic programs. On the community forum there was a front page post "Is Clockwork Pi still alive?" When I checked.

@ajroach42 did you ever get anywhere on your search for a relatively local source on non-plastic paper?

@ajroach42 🤔 I could have sworn you'd talked about this more, but this convo is the only one I can find

I thought you also mentioned an environmental issue with recycling and BPA-based paper that's used for thermal transfer

@68km oh. I don't remember that. I haven't looked in to thermal printers at all.

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