So This DevTerm from Clockwork Pi appears to be everything I could have wanted out of a when I was 14.

Design inspired by the Tandy 102, but slightly smaller. Screen the same basic aspect ratio as the HP 200 LX, but with modern connectivity and USB.

It'll run DOSBox, it'll run DVTM and all the various terminal apps I need.

The screen ain't sunlight readable, like my Omnibook, but ... I wonder what the bat life is like.

@ajroach42 This thing looks really neat! Is the keyboard touch type sized or more like a thumb keyboard? I really like that they included gamepad buttons too.

Really interested in those other core boards with pretty decent specs. Add this to the list of cool hardware I want.

@kelbot it looks like it's about 8 x 6, or just a bit larger than a psion five. I imagine that means it can be used for touch typing, but it'll be tight.

@ajroach42 If touch typing is doable then I'm excited about this. IMO there is not point in making a keyboard too small to touch type unless you're going for pocketable which this appears not to be.

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