@ajroach42 used to only drink black coffee.
Then I got sick and couldn't drink coffee at all, and as I eased back and tried other alternatives, I first ended up with decaf latte with oatmilk.
And now, the rare times I drink coffee it's still preferably decaf with oatmilk, 2/3 oatmilk at least.
I miss drinking black coffee, but I can't.

@ajroach42 Black. No milk, no sugar. Best is a good espresso tho, a nice coffee-shot. :ablobcatheart:

@ajroach42 Black, Dark or Medium Roast.

"I like my coffee black just like my metal".

@ajroach42 milk, sometimes some sugar. Occasionally I just drink it black, but those times are much rarer in recent years.

@ajroach42 I usually have it with 2% milk and honey, though I do drink it black at times. Depends on my mood.

@ajroach42 depends on what I'm getting. If it's quality drip/pour over, no sugar or cream. If it's anything less than that, I'll add cream for sure.

I'll drink espresso straight, or with a little bit of steam milk, like a cortado.

@ajroach42 the less I can taste the actual coffee while still tasting it, the better

@cantinto @ajroach42

cofe can be so nice if its prepared properly. sad that it has a reputation for tasting bad.

I like cortados and black cofe (medium to light roasts pls), but ONLY from cofe places with good beans and well trained staff.

@cantinto @ajroach42
i'm lucky that my partner is a cofe expert, so the best cofe place in the world is right inside my kitchen.

hot coffee, I mean take, hot take 

@ajroach42 My go to is a cappuccino with a sprinkle of cinnamon. I like variety though so I will also regularly make a mocha cappuccino with dark chocolate syrup, make drip or pour over either black or with a little milk/half n half.

@ajroach42 2% and a packet / teaspoon of sugar.

I am basic.

@ajroach42 or: hold the coffee grounds and add some tea leaves with a dash of sugar, with some cream on the side.

Always black.

I experiment and add variety in that constraint though. I usually make aeropress coffee, occasionally I'll make cold brew. I'm always looking to get better quality beans, recently I got a better grinder.

I'm now looking into other brewing methods.

@ajroach42 if it’s mediocre coffee: 1 cream 1 sugar if it’s at least halfway decent and isn’t super bitter: black

@ajroach42 cream, unless it's a pizza/tomato-y coffee, then black

@ajroach42 once a week on a Sunday morning, in an empty café.

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