It appears that this board adds a VGA connector, PS/2, sound, and an SD card slot to an ESP32.

The seller is away and there are no shipping prices listed to the states, so I might not be able to lay my hands on one in the near future but Hooobuddy does that have my attention.

There are CP/M and Vic20 modules available, apparently.

The ESP32 is an absolutely fascinating micro controller that can do a lot at a very low price.

This board includes an ESP32 and is $18 + shipping!

With shipping, that's probably more than a raspberry pi, for something that is ultimately less powerful, but we can talk about how and why that's unimportant later.

Right now I want to talk about the ESP32.

The esp32 that this thing uses also powers the odroid go. It's fast enough to emulate NES and Sega Master System and gameboy consoles, and still retail for under $50.

It also has wifi and Bluetooth onboard, and IIRC, there's a long range wifi mode and mesh mode built in to the thing. ( cc @djsundog to confirm if he's had any success in that realm.)

Adding standard keyboard, mouse, and video ports to that, and selling it for less than $20? That's a huge deal.

In the demo videos:

FabGL is shown doing things like vic20 emulation, CP/M emulation (with multitasking) and serving as a wireless terminal.

It doesn't look like anyone has gotten around to implementing ssh for the thing instead of telnet, but I imagine it is probably possible.

In addition to those emulators and the network terminal, fabGL also provides a reasonably robust UI, and some basic audio tools.

So: Cheap computer running legacy enterprise software + legacy home software + new custom software, with built in wireless networking, and all open source?

Exactly my cup of tea.


This looks like an excellent springboard from which many things could be developed, and I'm glad it's in the world.

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