Just discovered the series of Captain Zilog propaganda comics.

This is the kind of thing that I'm wholly against, and also secretly enamored with.

@ajroach42 i love it.

Didn't Tandy/RadioShack do this too? I know I've seen short comic books about kids and a computer superhero

@68km I have some non-computer Tandy/Radioshack comics, so I imagine they did.

I think it's brilliatn and wonderful, but also pretty fucking horrific.

@ajroach42 @68km I had one of those RadioShack comics that had Superman and Supergirl extolling the virtues of TRS80 computers. Really well done.

@ajroach42 Also, what a weird price difference. ~$140 for 8MB of memory, but ~$100 for only 64KB? :\

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