A reditor put shrek on a floppy disk.

It looks and sounds like garbage, but it has me wondering what the smallest watchable size I could get an hour of color content down to.

Currently have a bad B movie transcoding from mpeg to low quality h265 at 20fps and 240p with opus audio at 32k.

This will be too bad to actually watch, I expect, but it'll give me an idea of how many megabytes bad takes, so I can figure out a target for acceptable.

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I'm down to 78MB for 1.5 hours, but I screwed up my encoding settings so it's still higher resolution than I had intended.

It's honestly not too far from enjoyable right now.

I could probably tune this file size down more by encoding slower (or using better hardware and encoding in the same amount of time, which is what I'll likely do.)

Right now, I'm trying again with what I hope are the settings I was aiming for the first time.

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Alright, the new encoding is done and is predictably much worse than the 480p version.

It's 44.1 MB (which is a wonderful size, as a mirror with 1.44 MB) and honestly looks better than the VCD of this film that was circulating a few years ago.

I think the sweet spot is likely somewhere in between these two, either higher quality at this lower resolution or lower quality at 480p.

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Based on these quick experiments though, I imagine somewhere between 40 and 50MB / hour is the point at which standard def video becomes unenjoyably bad under h265.

Gonna try it again with VP9, because why not.

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Wow VP9 is slow to encode.

I guess that's why not.

Oh well, I have nothing else going on at the moment.

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VP9 ended up *way* bigger, and slightly better looking. Like 3x as large and maybe 20% better looking, so that would probably be worth fiddling with to figure out what I could do to decrease the size further, if it weren't for the fact that it takes forever.

Gonna stick with h265 for now.

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@ajroach42 I love how it's filmed on an old VHS camera too, complete with all the OSD stuff going.

@icedquinn Yeah, it took me a few tries too. I think he's getting boing'd

@ajroach42 Maybe try AV1? Should be significantly slower still :]

@ajroach42 Have you done any experiments with AV1? Is that even a useable codec yet at this point?

@kelbot I havne't tinkered with it yet, but I know there are at least a few implementations.

@ajroach42 Back in the day I used to convert videos all the time for my PSP. PSP only had very specific format it could well. They did look good on the PSP when encoded correctly. Honestly they looked better than you would think for the PSPs specs.

@kelbot The PSP was an amazing system for the time. I dug mine out a few weeks ago but the battery is dead and swollen. Might be time to get some of the games I never had the cash for as a teenager.

@ajroach42 I suddenly have the urge to encode a bunch of movies and shows like this and dump them on my odroid go advance and PocketCHIP.

@kelbot can the go advance or the pocketchip handle h265?

Most of my small movies at the moment are optimized for palmOS, which means ~150MB/hour.

I'm probably going to do a bunch of 50MB/hour footage (and maybe less for greyscale!) just cause I think it's neat in a "how many films can I fit in 1GB" kind of way.

@ajroach42 The OGA definitely can handle x265 at lower resolutions and bitrates especially I would think. The PocketCHIP probably not.

I agree, it is very neat. On a handheld device with a low res screen anyways its kind of perfect for having a big library of offline/offgrid media.

@kelbot I'll send you a public domain movie at a size under 100MB in h265 to try on the chip.

@ajroach42 I've done Shrek to a 7MB 32x32 GIF before, so I can't imagine how they got it down to 1.44MB!
@ajroach42 I found that the sound did the damage for me - if I left that in I couln't get it below about 50MB...

Of course, my goal was different: I was just trying to see what I could get away with posting to Discord...
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