It's always a little scary when Music Brainz Picard completely fails to identify some (but not all?) the tracks from a widely publicized, well documented, commercially released album.

I have the 6 disc set of the Savory Collection, which appears to be in a different order, and include slightly different tracks, than the more widely available iTunes releases.

But Picard is outright failing to find dozens of tracks from this release, and I don't know what to make of that.

Rhythm box also uses the music brainz library and also failed to identify the tracks.

I haven't tried anything that pulls from gracenote yet, but I have to assume that if it's in gracenote it's at least got metadata in Music Brainz, and so far that's just not happening.

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@ajroach42 Are you using the fingerprint lookup or the lookup based on existing metadata? The latter can sometimes have trouble identifying tracks due to small length differences that result from ripping weirdness
@ajroach42 For special-edition albums that often indicates some missing cleanup work in the database, either someone only submitted fingerprints for the regular edition tracks or the recording IDs in the database aren't merged appropriately

@ajroach42 Hmmm.... could ultrasonic tracking be a thing in music and not just ads on TV and that's why? Maybe Picard is comparing an older recording to a "remastered" version with utlrasound. With services like Spotify, iTunes, etc., and people trying to figure out ways to catch piracy, if it isn't happening already, it will sooner or later. Imagine downloading a music file from YouTube but then your computer, phone, IoT, etc.'s microphone hears "not legal."

@TheOuterLinux Seems unlikely, considering the providence of these specific records (it's The Savory Collection from the Jazz Museum in Harlem) and considering that any examples I've seen so far of ultrasonic tracking don't interfere with acoustic fingerprinting.

I guess it's possible but I think it's more likely that this release is just more obscure than I expected, and that the people who have it don't overlap heavily with the people who keep musicBrainz updated.

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