I was reading about codec2 last night, and I find myself pretty frustrated that the only way I can find to playback codec2 files is to convert them to RAW/PCM first.

Is there any mediaplayer that decodes Codec2 directly?

Looks like ffmpeg (and therefore anything that uses ffmpeg to decode) can be made to support codec2 via an external libcodec2, but the version that is currently in the ubuntu repos doesn't support it.

I don't want to recompile ffmpeg for something so unimportant, so I guess I'm just going to write a bash script to decode and playback without saving.

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@ajroach42 Another solution could be looking into #nix, which you can (relatively easy) run on top of Ubuntu. Then you can install their version of ffmpeg, but it won't mess up your Ubuntu install. (It might be overkill, though, a couple of lines of bash is definitely faster)


@qwxlea aplay will accept stdin I think, so I can just do that for now.

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