My new TV has some issues.

I assume the complete warble on the horizontal axis is due to a component failure and not something I'll be able to adjust away.

Anyone with more experience care to chime in?

@ajroach42 could just be a signal issue; what are you driving it with?

@phooky antenna fed from an agile modulator.

I'll try directly tomorrow.

@jelora @mmu_man @aurora If it isn't a signal problem, that's the next thing to check.

@ajroach42 if it’s something you can’t fix I’d get another one at a thrift store if I was in your shoes. Most thrift store tech actually is in working condition

@ajroach42 I think the standard procedure for that model is "percussive maintenance". 🤭

@ajroach42 It's lost horizontal sync. Best case, you can adjust the HSYNC pot to correct it. On a set of that era, it's likely sticking out the back of the case.

It could also be a signal or tuner issue. Looks like there's a fine tuning adjustment on the outer ring of the dial, I'd see if that helps.

If none of that works, it likely needs all the electrolytic capacitors replaced. The Achilles Heel of all electronics, but especially vintage.

@ajroach42 Also, if you can pick up a copy of Television Symptom Diagnosis by Richard W. Tinnell, it's a good entry-level guide into how this stuff works, if that's an avenue you want to pursue.

Looks like a couple copies on eBay in the $5-$10 range. Nothing on, unfortunately.

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