I saw some fanfiction discourse earlier.

Fanfiction is obviously literature. Robin Hood is fanfiction, Arthurian myth is fanfiction. A decent chunk of what Shakespeare wrote was just actual person fanfic.

The TV shows Sherlock and Elementary? Fan fiction. Nearly every disney film? Fan fiction. Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency? Doctor who (Shada!) fanfic, with the doctor swapped for Dirk.

It only stops being disparaged when someone can profit from it.

@ajroach42 the difference between sherlock and elementary is that elementary is *good* fanfic ;-)

also, is it really fanfic if the same author wrote both things?

@thamesynne Adams didn't create the character of the doctor, and wanted to release a story he wrote for that character without the rights to do so from the organization that controlled that character.

That sounds like fanfic to me, even if he had been the head scriptwriter for a spell.

@ajroach42 also fwiw, basically all of Doctor Who and Marvel is itself fanfic: the modern writers are not the original creators, they were fans who got picked to write those stories officially.

@The_T Disney is just the first council of nicaea for modern folklore.

@The_T Basically, the leader of Rome got a bunch of disparate sects of Christianity in to one room in the 300s, and they decided together what would be the cannon of the bible, and what wouldn't.

up to that point, Christianity was a bunch of very different and diverse religions. They decided what would become The Bible.


The whole "parallel universe" and "reboot" thing comes from fanfiction. (The Sims 4 is Sims fanfiction.)

Anything that has ever been rebooted, the reboot is just fanfiction. "Official continuity" is just sanctioned fanfiction.

The important part for me, though is that the successful commercialization of fanfiction demonstrates that public and open creative universes with diverse authors and contradictory stories can exist happily in the public's minds.

@ajroach42 uuuhm Dirk Gently (the books) are not Dr Who fanfic, are they?

@schratze It started life as an episode of Doctor Who that Adams wrote. The episode entered production, but was never finished.

He didn't have the rights to the character of The Doctor, but he liked the story, so he did the same story for his character.

Several years later, Mr. Adams took the skeleton of that Doctor Who episode, and grafted a silly detective on top. Bang-Presto: Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.

Shada has now been released by the bbc like six times too.

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