Watching Max Headroom (the british cyberpunk TV show) for the first time.

So far, I love everything about it. It's even better than twenty minutes in to the future so far.

This aesthetic is perfect. The theme of this episode is "The Vu-age Church" which is a pretty marvelous subject matter.

The universe feels fully formed. The concept is perfect, and the dialogue is snappy. It's everything I wanted it to be.

This is apparently Season 2 episode 2. I'm not sure why it played that when I picked episode 1, but whatever.

I'll reorganize the rest, to verify they play correctly.

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It was the ABC show I was watching. There was no british show, just the british movie.

The episode was fantastic. I expect the rest of the show will be equally good.

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Up next I think I'll be watching an episode from the 70s UK TV show Doomwatch. I've never seen it before either.

It was described to me as "the x-files, but in the 70s, and more prophetic than spooky"

I'm looking forward to watching it.

As I understand it, the show was shot in a reasonably small studio. I'm hoping that I can pick some tricks up from it in that regard.

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I'm going to bed. I'll watch doomwatch tomorrow, I guess.

Today was a weird day, and I'm still trying to make specific sense of it all, but I'm exhausted and I need to sleep.

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But I can't, becuase I'm thinking about Max Headroom, and some 30s/50s newspaper movies like The Front Page, His Girl Friday, Roar of the Presses, Nancy Drew: Reporter, Shoot To Kill, Crime Inc., etc.

Those early films embodied this idea that just exposing the truth would be enough to change the world.

Max Headroom adds the caveat that you have to make it entertaining.

There is a kind of earnestness to that idea that I respect, even if I think it's misguided.

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Uh if it's got episodes, isn't it the American version?

"Twenty Minutes Into The Future" was the British one-off that came first, if I remember correctly?


Also I didn't manage to find the American show last time I checked, which was years ago, so thanks for reminding me to go look for it again!

@ajroach42 Slightly unrelated story. Many years ago, I was talking about growing in West Chicago. And this guy with an avatar like Max Headroom pops up and we start talking about WC. And then when I mentioned I went to HS in Mount Prospect, he mentioned he was in the next town over.

As the story unrolls, we find that we have lived pretty much the same locations but in opposite directions of our lives and I now live at his birthplace.

He went on to live in Japan, but that was where we diverged.

@ajroach42 I actually go to my writing group with his sister-in-law and we are still friends.

But, it makes watching Max Headroom more emotional to me because he really did look like Max in the show.


I was just thinking about that in regard to Superman a day or so ago.

There are two huge impossible things that the classic Superman story asks us to accept:

One, that a boy could grow up on a family-owned farm in the Midwest and somehow learn humane values from that experience

and two, that newspapers exist, make money, and are powerful organizations in society with the ability to reveal the truth


I don't even know how Perry White and Martha Clark keep themselves alive, there's no money in either of those two occupations today.

An honest 2021 Superman would have Clark growing up working sub-poverty wages at a Lexcorp distribution centre and going on to be a gig economy content moderator at Lexnet.

@natecull @ajroach42 of course DC’s get out of jail free card is it takes place in a weirdly anachronistic alternate universe that promiscuously mixes elements from drastically different time periods.

this was taken to the nth degree in the tv series “Pennyworth” that has 1960s styles and social norms, but also public stocks and executions in london, and a crime syndicate run by jack the ripper.

@zens @ajroach42

That was one of my favourite things about the Burton 1989 film and Animated Series, the "Dark Deco" 1930s-50s-70s-80s mashup style.

@natecull @ajroach42 You know, Superman should really be revealing his secret identity in order to adhear to journalithic ethics... The Flying Squirrel admits such when she does the same!

@alcinnz @natecull @ajroach42 I believe this was a plot point in one of the more recent runs (2016? 2018?)

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