What are the most interesting new apps on f-droid?

Is there a less frustrating replacement for termux yet?

@ajroach42 i think termux is pretty fine, is there something wrong with it?

@devurandom if you let it sit without updates for six months, you have to blow everything up and reinstall all your applications.

No in place upgrades unless you're using it daily.

@devurandom and I could work around that myself. I could write a script to install all the crap I care about and reconfigure my settings automatically.

But I don't want to.

I want pkg upgrade to ... Work.

@devurandom @ajroach42

The point of f-droid is you're running things where you have confidence your binary has a corresponding source.

termux base is on f-droid. Everything you install after that point is binaries from outside the f-droid provenance.

If you don't care, why are you using f-droid? If you do, why are you using termux?

> Is there a less frustrating replacement for termux yet?
How about Nix-on-Droid?

@ajroach42 There is AnLinux and UserLAnd which are chroots for running linux distros on top of android.

Briar is on f-droid. Pixel Wheels is a nice top down racing game.

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