Can anyone give me three good reasons not to build or buy my own hover boat?

@ajroach42 Honestly, it seems unlikely on the surface of it.

@ajroach42 No, since such things don't exist.

The reasons, that is. Hover boats obviously exist

@ajroach42 are there use cases you need covered that aren’t handled by your non-hover boat?

Also, by hover boat do you mean one of those flat bottomed, giant-fan-on-the-back, prolly gonna bonk an alligator things?

@ajroach42 @dustin

there was an old issue of Popular Mechanics that had a design for a DIY hovercraft of this basic style that cost about $150 in materials and used a vertical-shaft lawnmower engine, a small airplane prop, and a heater vent to control forward thrust.

I should find that issue one of these days.

I don't know if you are sarcastic, but here I go:

1. High cost (purchase, maintance, maybe insurance)
2. Limited usefulness (AFAIK they will be noisy, bad at transitioning over anything but a very gradual incline change, bad at changing direction, limited weight capacity)
3. Potentially dangerous.

It's obviously super cool still, but given the choice I would probably opt for something less futuristic and more practical.

@kingannoy 1) Not if I build it myself?
2) yes!
3) eh.

Thanks friend.

1: Expense
2: Time
3: You have a ridiculous number of other projects on the go already!

I can't argue with #3. Good thing I'll have a maker space soon.

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