I fed GPT-2 a Space Patrol prompt, and this is what it gave me:

I did one more with the same prompt and training:

some choice bits:

"Narrator: The chase lasts for three years, the Space Patrol destroys Bacaratti's home world.

Now the Space Patrol is moving towards the mysterious "Cellar Door", a hidden government facility known to those who look behind them to be far more than it seems. Rumors swirl that this is the new home of Bacaratti."

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"Luther: We have this mysterious prisoner here. A fella named Bacaratti.

Buzz: And he's running a colony of space plants and pigs.

Luther: That's Bacaratti's sick humor. Bacaratti thought he'd lure us here with the swine."

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Buzz: All the personal space in this ship is contaminated. I think it's because we're in the belly of the beast. You and your machismo think you can just show up and help Bacaratti out? That makes you sick!

Exciter: You people don't know anything.

Buzz: Bacaratti's a space criminal!

Exciter: So what? We're in Space Patrol. The old boys are in charge.

Buzz: You ain't on the old boys.

Exciter: You'll see.

Buzz: I'll see.

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Narrator: Bacaratti escaped from the Space Patrol in the escape capsule of a fallen flagship, and began his new space colony. Bacaratti already had a large and growing space colony, and was able to capture even more settlers.

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This time the prompt was

"Our top 100 videos of all time" and I told it to use the key words "public domain", "videofreex", and "mac plus"

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19 - 80s Math

65 - The darkroom your phone calls home

58 - The easiest way to edit a 60s home movie

21 - Only 7 states in one video

22 - Add 5: The only digital slide show you can use

... Frankly, most of the rest of these are pretty plausible?

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Like, if I saw this list, I might watch some of these videos.

I personally want to know what a "Mac Proputer" is.

I'm curious about "two amazing video tutorials"

I'm confused as to why it went on a rampage about making professional looking vlogs, and how to make a movie with an iPhone, and tools and mistakes for beginning filmmakers, but frankly...

I kinda just wanna let this text generator decide what my next video will be.

I'm going to generate 30 more of these, and just pick one.

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Alright, I did one more. This one was called "our top 35 videos of all time" and the prompt was just the number 35.

This is what it generated:

Frankly, they're almost Too normal.

I'm going to kick up the temperature on the render.

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In the meantime, decide if any of these AI generated video ideas are worth making?

For example:

16 - Is money a good reason to give away stuff on the internet?

14 - The real story of The Wizard Of Odd

12 - Over 500 ways to reduce frustrations and solve issues in Minecraft

11 - 33 things YouTube won't ever tell you

10 - 22 reasons to consider dial-up internet and why it has changed forever

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Increasing the temperature just a little bit resulted in completely incoherent text.

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Okay, maybe not completely incoherent.

But like:

The Velonet Shuttle With a 20qt Stomach!

A rewarding Youtube project featuring a epic trumpet improv battle game

Edward Norton massages Elon Musk …

Mechanical Controller Cardboard Rig For Model K!

Fleurette's Fleurette 100 Quadruplete backed up in Brassau, France all analogue by remote control!

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It went from "10 ways to make videos with your iPhone" to "Dear Microsoft, Please bring Wingz once I mention Chris Gannon's invitation google right-click circle undo dunnit monitor the Game User Experience + Star City Games unite at Star City Games Intercontinental (Europe Store P2P, Steam, MPOGD) office February 25th 12 PM" in .01 temp change.

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Anyway, pick your favorite video titles out of that mess. Any of them that I posted, really.

Anything that gets more than 1 vote I'll actually consider making.

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Yes, my old comrade. I leave the court of madness to help you end your eternal search for galactic glory.

This. This is my new greeting for friends.

@djsundog "Fronkenstone continues to insult the Solar System for minutes before the Galactic Unification Marshal Kai, defects and joins Fronkenstone's ranks."


the darkroom your phone calls home

ah yes, I, too, enjoy visiting Fort Meade

@ajroach42 RED TREES, Exploring the world of Mac proputors, or 10 facts you may have forgotten about the 1980s.


I liked:
- DIY warfare in the 3D battlefield
- A boy learns to solder

@ajroach42 favs:

23 - A rewarding Youtube project featuring a epic trumpet improv battle game

38 - To print your video in high-res

20 - 05 instant pizza in 2 minutes video free!

65 - The darkroom your phone calls home
just vaguely creepy that last one

@ajroach42 "Happy NOLIFEing! "The real story of The Wizard Of Odd" I totally need. Also must see The Wizard Of Odd.

@mdhughes I think I need to sign off all my videos that way.

And uhh

I could totally make a video about either of those things, although the Wizard of Odds seems more my speed.

@mdhughes Well damn, there actually is a story here.

Looks like there was a dude in the 40s who ran a newspaper column called The Wizard of Odds.

And then the Trebeck show used that name, and got sued.

And also, all the episodes of the show were wiped, except for one in the UCLA film and TV archive.

I'm going to have to ... Shit, I'm going to have to actually talk about this.

Well, that's one video to come out of this project.

@ajroach42 I hope someday that I can fade to black as well as the narrator has. 😏

@ajroach42 Haven't read the whole thing (yet) but your choice bits make it sound kind of like a Dangeresque movie.

@ajroach42 I thought the licence of GPT-T states that you aren't allowed to share a complete resultset?

@DHeadshot GPT-3, yeah. It's also way more expensive to get access to.

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