I miss tumblr.

Specifically, I miss a blogging platform with a solid river of news style rss reader and a a "music" post option, with a culture of sharing (and sharing in order to comment.)

Tumblr was the best new music discovery platform I've ever used, and I picked up a ton of great bands from there.

Where do people find music these days?

@ajroach42 I know it's bad but honestly? Spotify. I had no luck until I found Octo Octa in the Women of Electronic playlist on there and have been spreading from that point.

@synthgal I can't/won't pay for spotify anymore for ideological reasons. When I have used it or other similar services, it has served me a bunch of stuff I already know, but that it doesn't know that I know, and biasing towards middle of the road stuff.

@ajroach42 I find adblockers on the web version kills the ads which is the only reason I would pay and I don't need to use the phone app.

@notptr this! bandcamp is really nice. and even the homepage has a good variety of stuff. sometimes i find stuff in the articles they post too

@ajroach42 I use bandcamp — granted, it’s a store front, but it lets you listen to the whole thing several times before asking you to buy it, and even then, they don’t enforce it too much because they are also a drm-free store, they’re not too much about technical hurdles, so I guess it’s more of an encouragement rather than a paywall...

Other than that, there are several hashtags #onhere such as #np #nowplaying #fediplay #fediradio...


@codeforchaos I love bandcamp, but I find it to be a pull model rather than a push model.

I really just need to find a few small music blogs to follow and be done with it.

@ajroach42 bandcamp and Spotify radios and made for you playlists

@ajroach42 Best stuff I've found? Recommendations from friends and sometimes from a festival. Browsing around on bandcamp for bands giving their money to BLM or such also gave me some gems.

I've tested this youtube algorithm once, that was crap.

@ajroach42 Another source of music: Going to queer choir and sharing interests, and then looking up all the queer musicians :)

@ajroach42 same feeling. Ideally I would tunnel through layers of bandcamp recommendations I think. The majority of my music discovery (aside from stores and shows) the past decade was people posting their stuff on Tumblr, and on here since bandcamp Friday started

@68km yep.

And like, bands ran tumblrs and just posted songs directly in the stream, usually with a download link and a shop link.

I went to a *lot* of shows as a result of tumblr music blogs.

@ajroach42 probably mostly YouTube, otherwise Soundcloud.

@ajroach42 recently I started scrobbling to again and it has very decent suggestions. it also shows profiles of people with similar listening histor to you and you can see what other stuff they listen to.
I'ts been working well for me. is also nice but the longer you use it the less new stuff it suggests to you. It kind of just recirculates stuff you have already listened to. if you use it without being signed in and you clear your cookies every now and then it can make nice playlists with the radio function.

@purplepeopleeater I've been considering a scrobbler, but I mostly listen to physical media.

I use youtube music, but I'm not happy with it or about it.

@ajroach42 yeah that was one reason i stopped scrobbling last time because all the music shops in my area are closed so i don't buy as much physical releases any more.

theres a scrobbling browser extension that supports youtube music and pretty much any where audio can play in the browser.

@ajroach42 Bandcamp, fediverse radio like @nowplaying , and this music industry newsletter I follow called MusicRedef. Oh, and

@ajroach42 this thread is making me think of and Pandora back when algorithms didn't seem as creepy and was more new and exciting.

In the end, the music i listen to comes from my friends, whether they're making it or talking about it. Things like scrobbling on or sharing on music blogs or whatever is just trying to scale up the very personal/vulnerable relationship you need with someone to talk about music.

Or am i just weird lol

@ajroach42 I know that probably doesn't help, but ... in my case, it's mostly just asking people. Whenever I start DMing someone, I will soon start a music exchange; sending a song, having them send something, and both of us slowly figuring out each other's tastes.
Other than that? Bandcamp recommendations, looking up similar artists and ... well, to be honest, plenty of YouTube recommendations.

@ajroach42 I look up a lot of the artists mentioned in ColinFurze video descriptions (background music) as they're often good. Otherwise, there's exposure in traditional media and then looking up tags in Bandcamp...

@ajroach42 YouTube, Spotify, Funkwhale, and Newgrounds, just to name a few.

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