got nerd sniped.

I'm reading about ancient greek and roman coins.

I'm seriously considering buying a handful of 1700+ year old coins.


@thegibson Gibs, these are more than a thousand years old, neat looking, in reasonably good condition, and less than $15.

That's gotta be good for something.

@thegibson Right no I know.

But, like, if I walked in to a restaurant in town and said "shit, I don't have my wallet. Uhh, will you take this 1800 year old Roman Coin? It's worth about $20 today, and would have had about $20 equivalent buying power in the roman empire" and they didn't just take it and give me a sandwich, I'd be shocked.

They don't spend, but they spend.

@ajroach42 @TheGibson gonna be shitting yourself if you invent a time machine and get your ass back to the roman empire and don't even have cab fare, buddy

@DrSagan @TheGibson @ajroach42 it is impossible to steal that which is freely given. go forth and pillage brains happily.

@ajroach42 @thegibson @djsundog

note: you arent a jerk, its just rhymes and i find it Funi (tm)

side note: "song stuck in head" one is ALSO from a mastodon trashpost

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