Dude made thinkpads with pixel Qi displaya:

I'm glad they sold out before I saw one, so now I'll have to build one instead of buying it.

I wish the company that owned the pixel qi display tech (they're only like half an hour from me) would return my emails.

I guess I need to call them.

@ajroach42 holy bezelpad though

(and that panel’s only 1024x600, which is, um.)

@ajroach42 I wonder if those panels are directly compatible with the x230. 10 inch display in a 13 inch chassis is kind of goofy looking but still cool that they got it to work. Did a nice job with the mounting and bezel too.


The pixel Qi were one of the biggest selling points of the XO Laptop.

Maybe somehow @mntmn can work with them to make a Pixel Qi add-on to the MNT Reform.

That would be something really special!

@emacsen @mntmn it's the reason I've been trying to build something approaching modern and lightweight that'll run on my xo-1.

@ajroach42 @mntmn

While the XO-1 was cuter, I feel like the MNT Retorm is actually the more true FLOSS platform, designed specifically around this kind of experiment.

I wish I'd get mine soon :)

@ajroach42 wonder if we're missing out on this technology, or there is some reason the current displays are the right choice...

With the weather warming outside again, i am a bit jealous... (but i have enough laptops already.. there shouldn't be any chance of me buying...)

@jasper The company that made these displays went belly up, and the new company that owns the tech is much much smaller.

the eink group is pretty strict on their patents.

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