Damn, the last few days have been Busy.

We have some shipments inbound, and I'm going to do a quick thread talking about those things.

Stuff inbound for the maker space 

8 x speaker drivers and speaker binding posts from Parts Express.

(When we ran Analog Revolution, Ryan and I designed and manufactured a pair of cheap hifi speakers using an open baffle design. They sound pretty great, and most folks preferred them in a blind listening test to the other speakers in their price range.

But we haven't made any in a long time, and frankly we were working way too hard on them.

By Saturday, we should have Speakers again.)

Stuff inbound for the maker space 

Screens, photo emulsion, transparencies, vinyl, and ink for screen printing.

We're going to start with the vinyl cutter for making stencils to print, and we're going to try and screen print the baffles of the speakers.

We'll probably also do a thing I used to do, where you get a bunch of ugly t-shirts second hand and bleach them and then reprint them.

Stuff inbound for the maker space 

A film developing kit.

That is to say, the chemicals and plastic bits required to develop black and white film.

Because we're going to be running a full dark room.

Additionally, we'll be demoing a couple of options of film scanner, and we'll have three photo printers we're putting up against one another for doing prints.

I'm really excited about this. I was a film shooter for years, and this had always been the plan for ... I need to do an aside.


An aside about film 

Alright, 8 years ago when Ryan and I were planning our Magazine that we used to bootstrap our Record Store we had planned:

- To develop film at the record store
- To issue Pentax K1000 SLRs to every contributor to the magazine (on loan) and supply them with film and development services
- To use those photos in the magazine.

An aside about film 

We didn't do that, because the store opened almost a full year earlier than planned, so we never had the chance to get good at developing film, and because around that time Pentax K1000's went from "you see them everywhere all the time, but especially at goodwill for $10" to "Wow, these cameras are not worth $50" and then to "Holy shit, did someone really pay $125 for a K1000?"

An aside about film 

But, uhh, I have like 10 decent film SLRs, and they're all functional. We have a professional Dark Room Tech, and we're publishing zines again.

So, you know, Maker space magazine features photos developed on site.

Stuff inbound for the maker space 


I've been talking about getting a lathe for 10 damn years.

It'll be here, like, Friday.

It's going to take some serious effort not to blow *Everything* else off for the next three months and just focus on fine tuning the process of cutting and casting records.

Stuff inbound for the maker space 

A big ol' laser cutter.

A bunch of radio equipment


Stuff inbound for the maker space 

A 24 track mixing board, a 24 track recorder/interface, 8 mics, a bunch of micstands, a bunch of cables.

I haven't done anything over 8 tracks since I was interning in a recording studio, so this is going to be an adventure.

Stuff inbound for the maker space 

We have a bunch of stuff already, I'm not going to talk about those things.

You'll see them when we use them.

Stuff inbound for the maker space 

@ajroach42 What make/model mixing console did you end up getting?

Stuff inbound for the maker space 

@ToroidalCore It's uhhh...

It's a second hand donation, and I frankly don't know much about it, and won't until it shows up.

The guy that gave it to us is confident that it will be what we need, and he's one of the best sound engineers I know, so I'm going to trust him.

Stuff inbound for the maker space 

@ajroach42 Sounds like it should work fine, I was just curious for nerding purposes. It'll probably have direct outs or, failing that, inserts you can use to feed inputs to your audio interface. Might have to mess around with how you hook things up to get the right setup for your neds, but that's part of the fun.

Stuff inbound for the maker space 

@ajroach42 this is the thing I’m most excited for (tho I’m nowhere near Georgia)

Stuff inbound for the maker space 

@dustin It's one of the easiest things for me to explain to folks.

"It's a community workshop with a lot of equipment for making stuff" doesn't always land so you follow it up with "3d printers, laser cutters, a full recording studio, that kind of thing."

re: An aside about film 

@ajroach42 my dad was a K1000 guy. loved that camera to pieces. carried it for at least thirty years and shot film in almost every state in the continental 48 with it. just those five characters strung together is enough to make me think of him with that camera around his neck.

re: An aside about film 

@ajroach42 heck, that camera took my senior photos for the high school yearbook and my head shots for my college press kit. it was the eye on so very much of my early life.

re: An aside about film 

@djsundog I got mine when I was 19, and took it with me everywhere until we opened the record store.

Most of the photos I have from that era are through it.

re: An aside about film 

@djsundog It is a solid camera, and it was made for Decades.

It was cheap, it was common, it was better than it had any right to be, it's the first camera to use Pentax's standard K Mount lenses, that they still use to this day.

It is, thematically, the perfect camera for my needs.

re: An aside about film 

@ajroach42 for sure! it was the gateway camera for a lot of photographers during its run. my dad had an entire shelf of books about taking photos, and specific to the K1000. it was a whole market unto itself in a lot of ways. must have burned a lot of camera manufacturers' asses tbh

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