If you shoot on film today (and especially if you're shooting black and white) what do you use?

I used to shoot mostly color reversal/slide film. I haven't done anything with film in something like 6 or 7 years.

I used to have a camera shop, I bought what the expert told me to buy.

I don't have a camera shop anymore, and now folks are going to expect me to be the expert.

Can you help me find some sane defaults?

@dredmorbius I get in to it in this thread: retro.social/@ajroach42/106174

we just got a developing kit, I have a dark room tech who learned in school, and who I teasingly call a professional, because that is totally the job they would have if it was still a job that people in our area could get (and, when we get the space's dark room going, I guess it is a job they will actually have.)

@ajroach42 Got it.

I'd look at:

Equipment, materials, and supplies which are available. Including repairs and replacements.
Reasonable prices. Film adds up fast, as do chemicals, printing paper, etc.
Reasonably bombproof. I'd focus on reliable process over quality, at least initially.

You'd probably be best off asking in photo-specific forums. I just checked, there's an /r/darkroom on Reddit. Sites like Flikr or Cake (a photo-heavy topical-blogging site) might also be good.

Your DR tech should also have valuable input, I'd listen to them.


@dredmorbius I'm sure they will, and I'm looking forward to giving them the opportunity.

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