Gonna share some photos of the maker space.

(if you see this post, but never see any images in the replies, let me know! I broke image federation for some instances somehow I think.)

The hand bound books are 7 years old. They were required reading for a class that neither of us took. We did a lot of bad bookmaking back then, and it is honestly a joy.

@ajroach42 Yep. Just the head here, no thread.

Probably my fault. Maybe it'll fix itself.

@ajroach42 @ajroach42 just the head in the timeline; but when I clicked on it, I saw several follow-ups with pictures.

@ajroach42 @ajroach42 I didn't scroll far enough in my feed. I saw the same pictures further up as I read on.

@ajroach42 @ajroach42 don't be so sure it's on your end; was having issues with retrieving posts with remote media recently

@ajroach42 @ajroach42 they made it to the toot-lab so it's probably - I'll poke it some more shortly

@djsundog @ajroach42 That's the only instance I've been able to verify is having problems with these images, so I'll accept that it might not be a Me problem.

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