I need a way to impart a design on to a piece of steel or iron that I can then use as a mold for striking coins.

We're going to strike the coins in pewter.

I don't want to cast the coins, I would prefer to strike them.

I was thinking of Electroetching. Have you done that?
Do you have other suggestions?

I think we're going to try electro etching. If I'm understanding the process correctly, I might be able to get the design I want at a usable depth.

@ajroach42 first I've heard the term and I looked it up and it sounds both really neat and totally sensible cool science!

@djsundog yeah! Should be possible to just, like, attach the positive lead, mask off a part of the metal, then give the rest a bath in electric salt water.

@ajroach42 shit, do that with a set of sliced masks a half dozen times, and then attach it to the negative lead with a different set of masks and you could have raised sections in a cutout? that would be freaking amazing!

@ajroach42 add a 3d printer controller board and some custom robotics and you might even be able to automate it into a coin mold producing machine you could feed gcode? mind blowingly fun.

@ajroach42 Any etching is fairly simple, just watch out for side-growth under the mask as you etch deeper. Also any flaws in the material (dirt, scratches, cracks, microfractures, etc) can cause uneven etching.


Dremel tool, little burr grinders.
Make your dies, flatten them on their ends, and then cut your design into them. Polish as necessary. Test with putty, until you have what you want.

Then harden them, and temper them in one step, like they do chisels.

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