I watched the first episode of:
- McMillions
- Hulu presents Steven Spielberg's animaniacs 2: the cash grabbing reboot.
- HBO's Looney Tunes Cartoons
- Solar Opposites
- The Midnight Gospel
- Lower Decks
- The Great Pottery Throwdown

I will provide commentary on each of them in turn.

First, the most entertaining out of all of this was Animaniacs. They nailed everything, and it was pretty wonderful. That show's concept aged well.

"I will conquer the Human Brain"
"Snarf! There's a human you?"

First Impressions - McMillions 

I'm really conflicted about this one because

1) It's barely not copaganda
2) I already know the story
3) It's a really good story, and so far the doc is pretty well told.

The story is that of the McDonalds Monopoly Scandal, and how the FBI brought it down.

I say it's barely not copaganda because the agents in it come off looking wildly irresponsible and barely competent.

I will watch the rest of it, or at least more of it, before I pass judgement.

First Impressions - Animaniacs 


I was not sure what to expect. The Animaniacs format was peak 90s, and I remember it being so overwhelmingly juvenile that my parents couldn't stand to be in the same room when it was on.

They pulled very few punches, really went after some hypocrites, and generally told a wonderful story.

The Pinky and the Brain segment was the standout, by far. The fact that it was a takedown of tiktok written before tiktok existed is a nice bonus.

First Impressions - Looney Tunes Cartoons 

HBO's Looney Tunes Cartoons was ... I mean, frankly that first short was disappointing in every meaningful way.

The jokes were flat, they did not land. The animation was ... fine? but somehow managed to find an uncanny valley between dated and new. Trying to pull 30s looney tunes in to 2020 instead of doing the sensible thing and going for the 50s.

There was a family guy style cutaway gag, but only one? And it felt out of place.

First Impressions - Looney Tunes Cartoons 

The second short (super short) with Marvin the Martian on an inflatable planet was excellent, but it was a single gag, and should have been made. a single gag in a longer short.

The final short, with Bugs and Yosemite Sam was better.

They took Sam's guns away, but did not take Bugs' dynamite away? It felt (and looked) more like classic looney tunes, but it was still missing a Bite.

First Impressions - Looney Tunes Cartoons 

There was no satiric edge to any of this. It was just characters hitting there marks.

Stilted. Timid. Safe.

It was a show that did not know who it's audience should be.

I am hopeful that later episodes fair better.

First Impressions - Solar Opposites 

It's Rick and Morty.

First Impressions - Solar Opposites 

Okay, that's not *just* rick and morty, but it's damn close.

Animation style, plot, voice acting, writing, character design, plot devices, etc.

It was fine, but at this point, well familiar territory.

First Impressions - The Midnight Gospel 

What the fuck?

First Impressions - The Midnight Gospel 

So this is excerpts from a podcast, robbed of context, and then animated like some kind of psychedelic fever dream.

I'm not familiar with the source material.

I kept trying to find a Hook to understand what was going on, but it was just a Buff Wizard talking to The President (glasses man) about ... I mean, mostly Drugs, but in a way that felt incoherent, while playing pool, fighting zombies, and camping?

I was entertained, I think?


First Impressions - Star Trek Lower Decks 

It's what you thought The Orville was going to be.

It's good, honestly. The writers clearly care about trek, the characters seem interesting, the first two episodes set up some plot points to explore later.

The show examines some of the Flaws with Star Fleet, but mostly, it's just any 00s cartoon, but in space.

First Impressions - The Great Pottery Throwdown (NSFW) 

First: Please stop saying pottery is sexual and then showing long gratuitous closeups of people slowly pulling handles, as if they are giving a hand job to some kind of amorphous grey dick monster.

First Impressions - The Great Pottery Throwdown 

That aside, it's fine. Good even.

It's the basic premise of The Great British Bakeoff applied to making things in clay.

One big Showstopper that you work on over several days, plus two smaller challenges that focus on specific techniques.

Intercut with personal interviews and stuff like that.

First Impressions - The Great Pottery Throwdown 

If you like bakeoff, this is that without food.

If you like pottery, this is people making pottery with unreasonable time constraints.

Theres a cocky white guy with dreadlocks that I kind of want to see punched in the face? I just don't like him at all.

There's a bunch of really sweet seeming people too, and a rockabilly band leader.

I'm already starting a pottery studio (ordering the Kiln any day now for the Maker Space) so ... Yeah?

It's been a while since we watched any new TV, and there are a few other shows on the list that we're planning to sample.

I don't often have an uninterrupted block in which to watch TV, but I've been pulling 10 - 12 hour days for the last few weeks straight getting things ready at the maker space, managing some stuff at the coffee shop, and doing my day job.

It was time to watch TV.

First Impressions - The Great Pottery Throwdown (NSFW) 

@ajroach42 I watched this recently and if it's any consolation they pretty much stop it with the sex pottery after that first episode.

(it's bake off but you can't eat it)

re: First Impressions - Star Trek Lower Decks 

@ajroach42 they'll address a bit more of the flaws of The Federation, and #Starfleet in particular, further down the road, which I quite like.

It's been a while since I saw it, and I have to admit though that the specifics of the episodes, as well as most of the character names, haven't really stuck with me?

I will watch subsequent series though. :)

First Impressions - Star Trek Lower Decks 

@ajroach42 Good for kids you think?

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