I spent some time working in the archive today. I'll have a fair amount to upload tomorrow.

And my 3mil stylus for 78rpm archiving should be here soon, so I can safely start tackling the really rare stuff.


As I'm working on the makerspace, and planning our future projects and budgeting for where we will invest the and money, I keep thinking to myself "if we don't, who will?"

If we don't archive the things we can, maybe no one will. If we don't provide access to tools and resources and education, who will? If we don't fund (with people, with money, with words) the development of the software we need and want, it will never exist.

In a million small ways, we're changing the world.

And I'm using that as my guiding principle when it comes time to decide which things get our resources.

- what is the impact of doing this
- what is the cost of doing this
- what is the cost of not doing this
- if not us, will anyone?
- am I the right person to take this one? (No! So who is?)

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