Copaganda - The Watch 

My wife and I have been watching BBC America's The Watch and I have some mixed feelings that I want to document.

1) It's a show about cops, yeah. But it doesn't Glorify policing in any meaningful sense. They're bad cops in a city with legalized crime and a dictator, who mostly seem to exist (at least as pratchett wrote them originally) as a lens through which we an study the problems with modern policing.

Copaganda - The Watch 

2) Wow does this show ever veer far away from Discworld. There are florescent lights, electric guitars, and visible air conditioners and fire escapes.

It's like someone hear that the discworld novels were set in a kind of alternative industrial revolution era, and conveyed that to someone else as the 1880s, and that second person heard "80s" and said "Gotcha, cyberpunk."

There are some great touches, and some good worldbuilding, but it's a 1980s AU discworld fanfic.

Copaganda - The Watch 

3) The central action of the show starts because Carrot, a human raised by Dwarves, is too tall.

Latter, we meet Cheery. Cheery is a dwarf in the novels. Here, Cheery is also apparently a dwarf but is taller than Carrot.

This kind of undermines the whole "carrot was too tall to be a dwarf" thing.

Other than that, Cheery's character is pretty great, and I have no complaints about her specifically. They should have just done something different with Carrot.

Copaganda - The Watch - spoilers for episode 2 

4) Detritus dies in the opening scenes of episode two and everyone just kind of ... ignores that?

Detritus was the best character in the first episode.

I assume he was killed off for budgetary reasons, but Dang.


Copaganda - The Watch 

Everyone else is pretty true to character. The Patrician is maybe a little too flappable. The Librarian not enough of an orangutan. The chancellor not enough of a redneck.

The plot is building in a really interesting direction in the first two episodes, with a nice whodunnit thing going on.

Then they kind of throw all of that out of the window and trade it for an exposition dump.

Copaganda - The Watch 

Most of the show is like that. Building to something good only to throw it away and do something ... not Bad exactly, just less good.

I don't dislike it, but it disappoints me.

Copaganda - The Watch 

Anyway, I think I'm going to keep watching it.

It reminds me of the Dirk Gently show that BBCA did. Also complete fanfic only loosely inspired by the source material.

Copaganda - The Watch 

@ajroach42 Sounds like I made the right decision to not bother. I have perfectly good memories of the books.

Copaganda - The Watch 

@mdhughes Yeah, no judgement here.

It's a fun show for me, but it isn't Must Watch.

It's disappointing considering how good Hogfather and Going Postal are.

Copaganda - The Watch 

@ajroach42 I appreciate all of this review but truly admire that you had the opportunity to write "The Librarian not enough of an orangutan" and have it make complete sense in context.

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