"The song “Jesus is Coming Soon” was recorded on December 5th, 1928 by Johnson in a small studio set up in Dallas, Texas. Blind Willie wrote this song about the flu pandemic that hit in 1918 which killed 50 to 100 million people which is three to five percent of the planet’s earth’s population. Willie Johnson told people that this song is something special to him. The song is then explained that the pandemic was to be a warning from God, ..."

"One cold November night in 1975 at the Chicago Amphitheater, legendary Blues singer Howlin’ Wolf made his last stage appearance at a concert among other Blues legends. Having suffered heart attacks and kidney failures for almost a decade prior to this event, Howlin’ Wolf quite literally rose from his deathbed to perform that night. Despite his medical conditions, Howlin’ Wolf’s incredible stage presence and spirit appeared in full force..."

"The Phono Project has been published since 2018 by students taking Dr. Jason Luther’s “Technologies and Future of Writing” module in the introductory course to Writing Arts at Rowan University. These recordings are based on The Internet Archive’s Great 78 Collection and in many cases, and showcase the work of students podcasting for the very first time and learning to do so in eight class meetings or less."

I think this is a neat project, and a great way to get people to interface with historic music and learn the skills required to participate in the 21st century.

@ajroach42 My favorite blues man. Ain't superstitious, Built for comfort not for speed, Killin' floor…

@ajroach42 Coming from Jazz, I was never really into Blues, until I heard one of Howling Wolf songs... Incredibly because although many of his songs are really simple in structure (compared to many Jazz songs), it hit me right in the heart!

@ajroach42 I just started reading that and couldn't help going into the Lemon Demon song "Dance like an idiot"!
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