Going to play with automatic rotoscoping and animation filtering software tomorrow and see what kind of results I can scrounge together.

If I get anything usable, I'll post it here.

So far, the results are better than I expected.

I'm not a very good illustrator, so the cartoon itself is not any good. But the automatic rotoscoping is working really well.

I am personally considering how this could be used for something akin to space angel or clutch cargo, that is to say a very limited animation/motion comic, where EBSynth or a similar piece of software fills in for the actual moving human lips.


When this one is done, I'm going to try again with the same video but with the significantly more heavily stylized illustration. Specifically I'm going to try really hard to shoot for a kind of Filmation, star trek TOS thing.

If I can pull that off, I might also try a Blue beetle comic book thing.


The motion tracking algorithm is Good but not Perfect.

It also runs like ass on the machine I'm running it on, so it's taking me forever to generate something I can show.

I'll keep fiddling with it, but I should probably move to a stronger computer, and also explore other software that does the same thing in other ways.

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