I just found a live, soundboard recording of
JACK WHITE (JACK AND THE BRICKS) - The Gold Dollar Detroit, MI - SEP 16, 1999

I think this may have gotten a vault release at some point, but I found it through a service called Nugs.

It opens with Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground, which opens with Brendan Benson on vocals. Jack takes over pretty quickly, but it's still a really neat moment.

I really need to get a digital in on my home stereo.


The audio quality of the show is pretty solid. It's a live concert from 1999, at a small bar in Detroit. It's not Studio Quality (whatever that even means) but it's a soundboard recording, I think it's a multitrack, even and it has been professionally mastered.

It's good.

The band is Sloppy. The drums especially. The vocals are all over the place in terms of quality.

Jack is playing some songs that would go on to be hits for The White Stripes, and two songs that I've never heard.


I've heard other shows of his from this era, and earlier, that are Better in terms of performance, but this set list (and the inclusion of Brendan Benson in the band) is hard to beat.

It appears I've lost my 2-star tabernacle bootlegs.

Anyone out there got copies they want to hook me up with?

@ajroach42 I got the vinyl re-issue of a 2-star Tabernacle Thirdman put out a few years ago. Just makes me miss Blanche even more.

@maxeddy I have the single, if that's what you're talking about.

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