Alright, real talk, do I make this website for the radio station myself?

I certainly can, of course. I've done plenty of graphic design and I maintain half a dozen websites right now.

But I kinda want to just hire someone to throw together a single page thing with a donate button, and just give me something punk as hell.

Are you a punk as hell web designer that wants to do a single page website with very little copy today?

I kinda feel like throwing something together myself, but I dunno when I'll get the chance.

If punk web design is your kinda thing, hit me up and lets talk rates for a real small site.

@ajroach42 <marque>, maybe <blink>, a background image of a star field that tiles. Throw in some bold colors like #00FF00 or #FF00FF.

For further inspiration, see the Geocities section of That might be a good place to get the images for the buttons, actually.

Don't forget the webring at the bottom!

@SetecAstronomy @ajroach42 are you operating under the impression that he wouldn't use any or all of those unironically just to take glee from the groans it would elicit?

@SetecAstronomy @djsundog I don't do blink, but I have been known to do CRT.

Ignore the content. It's mostly dead links and bad fiction.

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