I think a lot about how rural rage makes a lot of sense and how leftists are really fucking up by giving up on rural areas.
But then the leftists I know living and working in rural red areas have been called 'far right sympathizers' because they're in it for the long haul changing people's minds and doing solidarity work rather than...just argue with people. Be their neighbor. Work with em. Live with em. Be in community.

@Cyborgneticz I feel this.

I also find it really frustrating how every time I see a post like this elsewhere on the internet, many of the comments end up being "Well, I tried to help the rural community and it didn't work, so no one should."

I expect things will be slightly different on the fediverse, but we'll see.

@Cyborgneticz I can't speak for others, and I recognize that my experience is not universal, but I've spent the last several years building a community in the hills of north GA, and ...

There's a lot to it. Outreach is hard when you're talking to someone with whom you disagree wholeheartedly, or who would under other circumstances say that they want people like you dead.


@Cyborgneticz Mostly, though, if you can avoid the cops, the people are alright.

They say what the propaganda machine has told them to say, and they vote against their own interests because Culture Wars, but they can be reached, usually, on most personal things.

"I don't want apartments, because then Undesirables might move here" becomes "we need affordable housing in this community, even if that is apartments, so that my neighbors can survive" under the right circumstances.

@Cyborgneticz Under the wrong circumstances, it gets somebody's tires slashed, as was the case last week.

It's a scary thing to walk that tightrope.

Avoid the actual fascists, reach everyone they're preying on, be ready to defend yourself, etc.

A better world starts at home.

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